The New York Sherpa

sherpa-photo-2• New York’s Travel Expert
• Branding Consultant

• Public Speaker
• Sushi Face Stuffer

The New York Sherpa, who sometimes goes by Josiah Brown at family functions, has logged over 600,000 miles throughout New York State for the last 10 years.

→ New York Tourism Leader
The brain and the passion behind New York’s Best Experiences®, The Sherpa lives for recommending the best kept secrets New York has to offer. He coined the tagline “Because We’ve Been There”, because well, he has.

He is the president/CEO of New York Welcomes You™ and creator of the New York’s Best Experiences Travel Guide, which gets to the heart of the first time traveler. New York is such an amazing state, and the Sherpa, with his guide and his travel shows and own personal experience, knows how to give personal recommendations to ensure a vacay success. He is also on the board of the New York State Tourism Industry Association.

→ Branding Consultant
Another passion of the Sherpa’s is branding. Branding isn’t simply just font choices and colors and marketing, it is so much deeper. It is an emotional reaction in the heart of the consumer. Everything you do and are shapes that reaction.

→ Public Speaker
Josiah Brown has traveled all around the country speaking and teaching on what he’s passionate about. I mean, second to food of course. Tourism, content marketing, consumerism, branding, and life. His personal motto is “Inspiring People Forward.”

→ Sushi Face Stuffer
Follow the hashtag #FatSherpa to see some awesome places to eat in New York and abroad. And by abroad we mean other places besides sushi.

His instagram is a dashboard view of what he sees, and you’ll want to tag along!

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